Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wildflowers of Canada

We are enjoying seeing more flowers and wildflowers in Canada.  Orange Day Lilies, Daisys and Queen Anne's Lace fight for space with wild roses and Fireweed in roadside ditches. The Lupines are almost done but their furry purple seed pods are everywhere.   Wild Sweet Pea with its purple grapelike flowers vines around everything .  St Johnswort  pops it sunny yellow flowers up in the mosy unexpected rocky places.   Thistle  is in full purple bloom. It is so appropriate for Nova Scotia and even appears on the provinces Coat of Arms.  I have never seen Yarrow in anything but white, pink or yellow. Here it is pale purple.   There are many that I don't recognize.
The flowers seem to thrive in the coastal air. I wonder if it is because of the fog that rolls in every evening and burns off mid morning.  Do they  enjoy that moisture after a day in the sun and wind?
Here are some of the flowers  we have been seeing on our daily walks.
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