Saturday, August 1, 2015

Golfing in Hillsborough NB, Canada

On Tuesday morning, July 28th I said to Bonnie it was time for me to play some golf. Earlier last week Bonnie & I visited the Hillsborough Golf Club in Hillsborough New Brunswick and enjoyed a great lunch of burgers & fries.

So off I went for a round of golf. Had to drive up route NB114 for about 20km to the course. 
It was a very nice sunny day with temp's in the mid 70's. Got to the golf course visited with the Pro-Shop person and got set to play. I was only going to play nine-holes today. So off I went too the front nine and first tee box. Par score for the front nine is 36. 
Hole #1

Had a great tee shot. 

But my second & third were bad, so had to work and settle for a bogey 5.  One over par after one hole. 
Hole #2 

This was a nice Par 3. My tee shot was just short of the green, chip-up but missed a long par putt of about 20 feet so I had a bogey 4 again!!

My score is 2 over par after two holes. 

Hole #3 is dog-leg right Par 5. 

Had a good tee shot. Better second but again my third shot was very bad. 

I had to work very hard to just get the bogey 6. 
So I'm 3 over par after just three holes. 
On the way to Hole #4 I had to stop and wait for the group up on the tee to finish. I was sitting by a small pond. Found this little guy just enjoying the sun & morning air.

Hole #4 
It's very long(513yd) dog-leg right Par 5. 

Bad tee shot to start is hole. 

But I did have very good second and 
third shots but was still off the green. Made a bad chip shot and then three putted for a Double Bogey 7.  
So now I'm 5 over par after four hole.
Hole #5

Put my first shot in the water. 
Hit my next shot(3) to within 2 feet of the flag. 

Made the putt for a very nice bogey 4. 
Score is 6 over par after five holes. 
Hole #6 

Great tee shot to start this hole. On my way down the fairway I saw this little guy enjoying the sun & flowers. 

I was on the green in two. 

Two putted for my first par of the day. Remain 6 over par after six holes. 
Hole #7

Good tee and second shots. 

Photo of me in the middle of fairway for hole 7. Had to wait for the group up ahead. Chipped up on to the green. Miss about a 10 feet putt  for par. Had to again settle for a bogey 5. 
Score is now 7 over par after seven holes.

Hole #8 is a Big Dog-leg Left Par 4

Great tee shot over the top of the trees on left side of the fairway. 

Second shot was on the green. Miss the birdie putt of about 25 feet. But made the 8 feet putt back up the hill for a par 4. This is my second par of the day. 
Score is still 7 over par after eight holes. 

Hole #9 Is Dog-Leg Right Par 4

Great tee shot. 

Good second shot on to the green. 

Missed the down hill birdie putt going by the hole about 12 feet (Very Bad). Par putt was just 3 inches short. Tap in for a bogey 5 after my second three putt of the day. Bad finish on the ninth green. Finish 8 over par. I had 2 pars, 6 bogey's, & 1 double bogey for a final score of 44. Not to bad for my first time on this course. I stopped by the bar/lounge met a few guys from the area. Had a Molson Canadian beer, ordered lunch of burgers&fries for Bonnie & I. 
Hillsborough Golf Club 
Course Layout:

New Brunswick, Canada
I liked this golf course. If we come back to this area, I would play this course again. I talked with the club pro, he did say the back nine is a little harder and also a little more prettier with some great views.  So again if you are in this area of Canada, I would recommend that you give this course a try. I think you will like it too. All in all it was a very nice day. 
Thanks and enjoy your next round on the course. 


  1. That's a pretty setting on #5's green, Fred! Looks like it was a nice time on the course.


  2. Jim
    It was a very nice and beautiful course.
    Had a great time. Hope to play a corse in Nova Scotia too. Take care.