Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where are the Moose?

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Traveling through New Hampshire, Maine and now Canada it is
not uncommon to see Moose warning signs along the roads and highways.   They are like the deer crossing signs that
we see at home in New York a nice reminder to be aware of wildlife entering

I thought it would be cool to see a moose in the wild and
began to pay closer attention to fields and water so that I might spot one or
Most people that we have spoken to about wildlife have seen
them in their back yard, along the road or wading in a stream.

Go out at dusk, they said. 
You will see them at dawn, they said.

Moose like the salt marsh in the evening, they said.
Be careful along the highway Moose will run right into the
road, they said.

Moose like the National Park, they said.

These are our moose sightings so far.
Flat Moose

Maple Moose

Moose Mints

Moose Coffee

Soft Moose

Shabby Moose

Rooftop Moose

I am beginning to think that moose are like Unicorns, mythical creatures that tempt the imagination.

Color me hopeful.

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