Thursday, August 13, 2015

Covered Bridges of New Brunswick

View of point Wolfe bridge from a scenic overlook in Fundy National Park.
New Brunswick is home to 60 covered bridges most of which are maintained by the provinces Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.  We have enjoyed walking and driving a few of them and learning how to give a polite toot of the horn when part way through to warn other cars that someone is using the one way path.

Albert County, where we stayed, has 9 bridges. 

Crooked Creek #3

Crooked Creek #3 on Crooked Creek Road spans the Crooked Creek. That sounds like a nursery rhyme doesn't it?

It was built in 1945 and is 93 feet long.  The bridge is only 10 1/2 feet tall which seemed very short to us in the truck.   I guess we are used to looking at clearances more carefully since we started driving a 12 1/2 foot rig.   You will be happy to know that it didn't slow down the Fed-Ex truck at all.

Sawmill Creek #0.5
 Sawmill Creek #0.5 is no longer in service as a driving road but is part of a walking trail that winds along route 114 through farmland with coastal views.  it was built in 1908 and is 104 feet long.

Point Wolfe
Point Wolfe is located on a turn in Fundy National Park. It is at the sight of an old saw mill. The red bridge is 94 feet long. The current bridge was rebuilt in 1992 using the design of the original.
Point Wolfe crosses a deep ravine

Fred in the window at Sawmill Creek
We have been delighted to cross these wooden wonders, to see the exposed beams in their roofs, to look out their windows and to drive across their wooden floors.  I am so happy that New Brunswick values them and is preserving these pieces of history.
I love the sound of driving on the wood floors of the bridges.


  1. Do they give a weiht limit on them, Bonnie? Very nice photos!

  2. Thanks. There was no weight limit posted just the height.

  3. Jim
    As Bonnie said no weight just height.
    But the UPS Trucks like to drive across them very fast.