Friday, August 7, 2015

Kitchen Sprout Garden

Traveling full time in our RV is the lifestyle that we want to live right now. There are some things that I miss, like having a kitchen garden. I am not willing to travel with plants and pots of dirt. We move too frequently to make that practical.

We went to a Farmers Market in Albert, NB last weekend. I met a vendor there that makes and sells her own line of fine mesh bags in all sizes. She calls them HYP-Bags. That stands for Help Your Planet.

Hyp-Bag and Mustard seeds
They are meant to be used for storing bread and vegetables, as reusable tea bags and for growing sprouts.
We spent quite a while Chatting about the different seeds that she offered and how the simple growing process might fit into our mobile lifestyle.
I chose two bags, one full of mustard seeds and she gave me a tiny one full of broccoli seeds.

We have a ( very tiny) kitchen garden!
The process is quiet easy.
Place one teaspoon of seeds into the Hyp-Bag.

Soak the bag in water twice a day and hang it to dry.

Sprouts will be ready to eat in 5-7 days.
Tonight we are having broccoli sprouts in our dinner salads.

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