Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

Cape Enrage Lighthouse
 Cape Enrage is home to one of the oldest lighthouses on the Fundy Coast of New Brunswick.   The original light was commissioned and built in 1840.

Cape Enrage is considered a very hazardous area for marine traffic.  The Cape got its name because of a rock reef that causes very turbulent waters during Fundy's dramatic tidal changes. The reef extends out into the Bay almost halfway to Nova scotia.
Walk down a series of metal staircases to reach to fossil rock strewn beach.

The light was built as an aid to navigation for a well traveled shipping route.  Ships heading toward Moncton, the Peticodiac River and Shepody Bay settlements  all passed the dangerous coastline of Cape Enrage.  Shipbuilding and stone quarrying were important industries in the upper Bay at that time.

Cape Enrage light house and fog horn.
Cape Enrage boasts two beaches, one of sand and one covered with rocks containing fossils that have fallen from the eroding cliffs. The beaches are only navigable at low tide.

Fossil Rocks
Cape Enrage has recently added 2 attractions, Zip-line and Rappelling adventures.
The Zip-line is a 600 foot ride across the rocky coast.
The rappelling is down a 142 foot cliff that hangs over the Bay.
We did not do either but people looked like they were having fun.

Shipyard Park
On our way back to the campground we passed Harvey Bank Shipyard Park. The park was built to honor a local heritage of shipbuilding. It was an interesting site and was also home to the Anderson Hollow Lighthouse which was originally located on a breakwater in Waterside, New Brunswick.

Anchor in Shipyard Park

Anderson Hollow Lighthouse