Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Virginia Beach Revisted

Two long days of driving landed us in Virginia Beach, Virginia by February 1.  It was nice to have a couple of days to get things organized.
We stayed at the Ocean Pines RV Park at Oceana Naval Air Station and chose a site conveniently located near a dumpster.

We spent most of the first day unpacking boxes and figuring out where things belong. I have had several "what was I thinking" moments as we got rid of pitchers, 2 large laundry baskets, a rice cooker and glass food storage containers. We filled the dumpster with cardboard and found  a DAV Thrift Store which took donations.  

By mid afternoon it stopped raining and we rewarded ourselves with a drive out to Sandbridge Beach.  
The FamiLee have spent many happy weeks on this beach and it was wonderful to visit and reminisce.   The area is much more developed now than when we first visited in the late 80's but it is still a beautiful place.

We drove down both streets on the peninsula reminiscing about all of the houses that we have stayed in over the years.  We stopped and looked at Spruil, the Lyons Den, and When East Meets West.
Girls the big dragon is gone. :(
Sandbridge Market is still thriving.
There has been a lot of work done to replace the dunes.  On the oceanfront houses they take up most of the yards and provide a barrier between the beach and the houses where there is no sea wall.  They are well planted and hopefully will provide some protection when the next storm rolls through.
The beach access points have been redesigned and made very accessible. They are well marked, paved, and have bike racks.
On our way back to base there was a beautiful sunset with pink skies fortelling good weather.
Day 2 was delightful as predicted.  The skies were clear and the planes at Oceana were practicing landings right over the campground.  


  1. And here you are! How exciting that you're already out there :-) We will be unpacking boxes in our rig this weekend (our first time taking her off the dealer's lot) and I imagine there are some things that won't make the cut as well. June 5 still seems a long way off, but then we'll be out there too - and you will be seasoned veterans :-)

  2. June will be here before you know it. You are right. The big rigs look huge until you start to put everything away. Fred and I left freezing temps in NY so we left with ours looking like a moving truck packed to the max. The inside is looking pretty good. Now it's time to tackle the basement.