Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catfish Hunter Museum

Part of the fun of living in a Motorhome is finding little gem of places to visit along the way. As we were driving to the airport the other day I saw a sign for baseball player Jim "Catfish" Hunter. The area was Hertford, NC. This was Jim's home town.
As you can see they have a Museum for Catfish. So Bonnie and I stop by to visit the museum. But being a very small town it was not open. 
So we walked back to a small coffee shop. As we ordered coffee I stated to talk with the shop manager. He new Jim Hunter as just a nice person who gave back to his community. Jim help coach baseball within the town and at times helped towns people who had financial problems. He said Jim was just a great guy, not just a great baseball player.

Bonnie and I have already made plans to come back to Hertford on our next visit to the Otter Banks and check-out the museum of Jim "Catfish" Hunter. 
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  1. I was sure the end of this story was going to be that the guy who sold you coffee also unlocked the museum for you. Ah, well.