Friday, February 6, 2015

RV Life Lesson #1 Diesel Engines do not like cold

When people tell you that Diesel engines don't like cold they are not kidding.
Saturday morning we were packed up and ready to leave the great and freezing cold Northeast. The temperature was 7 degrees below 0.
The motor coach really objected to starting.
Fred started the generator and ran it to try to warm up the engine.
2 hours later we were still parked in Glens Falls with a cold coach that wouldn't start.
We called Good Sams.
They sent a service tech.
He turned everything off, turned it on again and it started right up.
He told us that ours wasn't the first coach that he had scared into starting, wished us well and we were on the way.
3 hours later than we had planned but still in time to beat a snow storm that would have delayed us further.
We don't anticipate having to drive in below zero temperatures any time soon.
Lesson learned anyway.
Next time we plug in the coach.

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Location:Glens Falls NY

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