Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Before and After

Most of you know that when we left new York we were fighting subzero temperatures that didn't allow us much opportunity to settle into the coach.

Living Room left
Living Room right


I spent one afternoon cleaning cupboards and putting down non slip shelf liner, and had time to put away a couple of boxes of kitchen supplies.

The rest of our downsized belongings were stacked in boxes and bins in every available space including the shower.

By the time we hit North Carolina we had been in our new home for a week and things are starting to look like a house instead of a hodge-podge.

It has now been 3 weeks since we left New York and we are feeling very comfortable.

Living room into kitchen



Dining Room/office

Bear is getting comfortable too.


  1. It looks so great!! So much like home...like you and dad :)

  2. Thanks Becky. We like it a lot. I think we used enough of our special things from the Hornet and the house to make it home.

  3. The coach is starting to feel like a home. Let the trip continue. Next stop Jacksonville, Florida and a small navy base Bonnie lived on as a young girl.