Sunday, February 8, 2015

RV Life Lesson #3 Advice isn't always right for you

We pulled into the campground and were met by a Camp Host who informed us that we could choose any site on the open list. He also notified us that we needed to plan our sewer hose hookup as the sewer connections in the park are located in the center of each parking pad. He suggested that we hook the hose up first then back in to avoid having to crawl under the coach.

So we did. Hooked everything up nice and straight and I directed Fred into the spot right over the top of the brand new never before used sewer hose.

The flap on the back of the coach that keeps rocks from kicking up didn't clear the hose and instead rearranged its location.

Fred ended up under the coach in the mud anyway.

Next time we'll think it through and figure it out ourselves.

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