Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wagons Ho!

It is a really cold morning here in the North Country. So cold that the motor coach didn't want to start. We had a later than anticipated departure but are finally on the road.
Thank you family and friends for all of your well wishes. We love you all.
I wish the coach felt more organized but right now I am considering myself lucky that I'm not strapped to the roof in a rocking chair.
We are on the road crying like the day we dropped the girls off at college after saying goodbye to our Glens Falls family.
Driving off with the theme song to the Beverly Hillbilly's in my brain.

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Location:Glens Falls, NY


  1. You all come back now...ya hear!

  2. Northward, southward, east or west...

  3. Bon Voyage! We're looking forward to future posts of your adventures. Have been thinking about you folks and hoping you escaped the nasty winter weather as you headed south. John & Carol B.

    1. John and Carol we escaped just in time. We are in North Carolina now and the weather is cool but not freezing. We are enjoying being outside without bundling up.