Friday, May 29, 2015

Zipline Adventure

Fred enjoying his first zip
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
RV-Dreams Rally at Tom Johnson Camping Center Marion, NC

This morning a group of  nineteen people started out to travel Barnardsville, NC which was about 35 miles from the campground.

The Blue Ridge experience group
We were all heading to Navitat Canopy Adventures Center to enjoy  a 3 hr.  Zip line & Hiking tour in this area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They have two types of Zipline Adventure Tours, Moody Cove Adventure and Blue Ridge Experience. 

The Moody Cove Adventure has 10 single zips ranging in length from 120 to 1100 feet and hiking that includes 2 sky bridges and 2 rappels.

Fred and Howard above the trees

I choose the "Blue Ridge Experience" an exciting mountaintop Zip trip. This tour has 3 huge side-by-side racing zip lines. We had a total of ten campers from the rally enjoy this tour.  

The 3600 ft Zip
This tour had three zips from 1100 - 3600 + feet long. Plus three scenic hikes with amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

This was just so much fun. Can't wait to experience this type of adventure again. 

You have to add this item to your "Bucket List"

Thanks everyone. 
Fred Lee

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  1. Great pictures and even better memories Dad!! So awesome for you!!