Sunday, May 3, 2015

Paynes Prairie at Sunset

Sunset over Payne's Prairie

We made it back to the overlook on Highway 441 in Micanopy yesterday evening to watch the sunset over Payne's Prairie.

There were about 10 cars there so we were not the only ones to realize that Sunset over the prairie would be a beautiful thing.

The light of the evening sun on the prairie grasses was beautiful.

There was also a rising moon.

To see more photographs of this beautiful Florida State Park visit our Flickr Album Payne's Prairie.


  1. Was park is just so cool to look at. It makes you think about the first travelers going across this great country. Thanks Bonnie Lou for sharing with everyone and enjoy this beautiful place with me. 😃❤️😃

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos, Bonnie! I also checked out the ones on Flickr. Payne's Prairie looks like an amazing place.

  3. It is Jim and Diana. Such an unexpected landscape in Central Florida.