Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Butterfly Rainforest

My favorite mosaic moth named Charaxes brutus
Fred and I made a trip north to Gainesville last Thursday to visit the Florida Museum of Natural History.
The museum is on the campus of the University of Florida at Gainesville and is in a complex that includes a Butterfly Rainforest, a Florida Wildlife and Butterfly Garden, the Harn Museum of Art and the Phillips Center for the Performing Art's.
UF Gainesville is a beautiful campus that welcomed us with both ample parking and outdoor art exhibits.

Outdoor art exhibit
We spent some time wandering through the exhibits which included Florida fossils, Waterways and Wildlife and Calusa and Seminole native peoples.

We even met a traveling T. Rex named Sue!

The crowning jewel of the complex and our reason for visiting was the Butterfly Rainforest. The rainforest is an outdoor screened in enclosure that is beautifully landscaped with walking paths waterfalls and trickling streams.

Butterfly gate in wrought iron

It is planted with lush foliage and flowering plants to provide a rainforest environment for the hundreds of butterfly's that call it home.


Common Birdwing

Atlas Moth, the largest in the exhibit

Fred was a butterfly magnet. Several landed on him and visited for a while.

Tree Nymph

Cream Spotted Tiger Wing
To see more butterfly's you can visit our Flickr Album.


  1. I love the butterfly riding shotgun on Fred's shoulder, Bonnie! I wonder if it was the red shirt that caught their eye? So cool!

    How long are you going to be in that area? It must be getting warm there.

    Stop by if you find yourselves up this way!


  2. Jim and Diana
    Yes it was the Red Shirt.
    If we are visiting a Butterfly show.
    I always wear a red shirt.
    We have moved from Ocala. We are now in Kings Bay, Georgia at a NSA Navy Sub Base Fam/Camp. Will be here about nine days. Then off to NC for RV Deams Reunion.
    Take care will talk again soon