Wednesday, March 25, 2015

RV Life Lesson #4: Memory Foam Freezes

I don't know if this random fact will ever be useful to you, but did you know that Gel Infused Memory Foam freezes? It does. It really does.
We purchased a king sized 3 inch gel infused memory foam topper for the bed in our coach and left it in the truck.
In upstate New York.
In January.
For a week.
We didn't have a lot of opportunity to arrange things in our coach before driving off but thought "Let's just get the bed made, so when we are tired at the end of a full day of driving we can just grab something to eat and get some sleep."
We took the box out of the truck.
We took the foam out of the box.
It was still box shaped.
We pulled.
We prodded.
We tried to unfold.
Light bulb moment.
It had to be thawed in front of the heater vent in the house for 2 days.
Even then it was like spreading Silly Putty to make the bed.

- Bonnie, from my iPad

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