Friday, July 10, 2015

Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine

Overlooking Perkins Cove
Ogunquit means Beautiful Place by the Sea in the Abanaki language, and this tiny seaside village lives up to the name.
The Marginal Way is a 1 1/2 mile paved walkway between Ogunquit and Perkins Cove.
The cliff edged path is a paved walkway that provides spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Perkins cove end of the walkway is shaded with a canopy of evergreens that have been sculpted by wind and storms to overhang the path. Beach roses in bright pink and white border the path adding a sweet fragrance to the ocean air.

White  Beach Roses

Pink Beach Roses


There are oceanfront homes with formal gardens to the left and the ocean to the right as you head toward Ogunquit.
The Ogunquit end of the Marginal Way is bright and more exposed to the sun. Here you will find steep cliffs and amazing rock formations with the sandy expanse of Ogunquit and Moody beaches in the background.

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We saw lobster boats, sailboats, kayaks and paddleboards.
Vacationers were enjoying the beach, climbing the rocks and sitting of benches to rest a while.
Seagulls flew overhead and ducks floated in the surf.

We were pleased to see that there was a gardening effort underway to remove invasive nonnative species and restore native plants.
It is a happy place and one that is beautiful in all seasons. We have walked it in the Spring and Fall and found it to be just as lovely.

Ogunquit Beach

The Marginal way is a paved 1 1/2 mile walkway.
The walk is easy but bring water in warmer weather.
It is handicapped and stroller accessible.
No dogs allowed during the Summer months.
No roller skates, rollerblades or skateboards.


  1. It really is. We have been enjoying the sounds of the surf and the smell of the air. It has restorative powers I think.