Sunday, July 12, 2015

Maine Wildflowers

Mountain Laurel was thriving at the top of Cadillac Mountain

Traveling North has given us an extended view of the blooming season from Georgia to Maine.
It has been a beautiful journey (all sneezing aside) and we have enjoyed watching the roadside fields and ditches for wildflowers and the birds and butterflies that enjoy them.
These are some of the beauties that we have been seeing in Maine.

Lupines in coastal Maine

A perennial favorite, Queen Anne's Lace
The air was full of the scent of Milkweed calling butterflies.

Perennial Sweet Pea


  1. Beautiful flowers, Bonnie! Have fun in Acadia!

  2. We are enjoying the Acadia area and the coast of Maine.

  3. I knew those were dwarf mountain laurel but you confirmed it. They are hidden just shoe height along the rocky mountain tops. Pretty, dark red/pink.