Friday, April 17, 2015

Product Review: Mighty Mug

Just Right

Fred and I love the Behemoth but it does have a few design flaws.
We are finding workarounds.

Too sloppy.
One such annoyance is that the coffee cup holders in the beautiful oak dashboard unit don't support

Too tippy.
coffee mugs very well.
They are shallow and round with a slot carved out of one side so that you can safely rest your morning Cup of Joe in them.
Unfortunately those cup holders are not very useful as a regular mug sloshes over when we hit a slight bump in the road and our traditional travel mugs are so tall that they tip over on a turn.

Enter the Mighty Mug.
We were shopping for storage solutions in Bed Bath and Beyond about a month ago when we came upon a travel mug with an unusual design.

The mighty mug is advertised as "the mug that won't fall over". There was a video demonstration on the end cap that showed them preventing all sorts of disasters.
I was skeptical. We took 2 of the mugs out of their packaging and played with them for about 10 minutes. We found that when placed of a solid surface they resist tipping when tapped, bumped into or otherwise jostled...say when an excitable 35 pound dog runs by your TV stand.
Yet you can still easily access them for drinking by lifting the cup straight up. Mighty Mug developers call it Smartgrip Technology. I call it magic. We bought two o give them a try.
We have traveled with them in the Behemoth for 150 miles without spillage.

We chose the mighty mug solo an 11 oz mug that works well for our purposes. The mugs are double insulated and BPA free, with a locking flip lid that helps to keep the coffee warm for several hours. Although we don't utilize these features they are also dishwasher safe and built at a height to accommodate single serve coffee makers.

Mighty mug is also available in a 16 oz desk mug, and 18 oz travel mug and a 20 oz cold cup.

- Bonnie, from my iPad

Location:Ocala, Florida