Sunday, April 5, 2015

Farmer's market: Market of Marion

There were Hibiscus in pink, red, orange and yellow
The Market of Marion is a combination Flea Market and Farmers Market held every Friday-Sunday in Belleview, Florida. it is a short drive from Ocala.
Fred and I have been visiting it for fresh fruits and vegetables every weekend since we have been here.
The market has several nurseries that participate as vendors and this weekend I explored them all.
It was so joyful to walk among the blossoms and greenery.

I was reminded of all of the Easter flowers that I have gifted and received over the years. There were orchids in every color, beautiful hibiscus, sweet smelling gardenias as well as palms and ferns in many varieties.  I particularly liked the Bottle Brush and Mimosa trees.

Happy Easter  friends and family members these are my virtual floral gifts to you.

Pitcher plants to catch those pesky flies

Cascading purple blossoms

Shrimp plant
These scent of beautiful gardenias reminded me of Mom's Pensacola garden

These red tipped white beauty's remind me of bleeding heart

Today is our 5th and final day of black and white photographs. This picture of wildflowers was taken in May of 2013 in Robert Whele State Park in Henderson new York, on lake Ontario. It seemed appropriate to share it with today's floral post.
 I have run out of bloggers who want to be nominated to share a black and white photo each day for 5 days and to challenge another to do the same, so this is an open invitation for anyone to participate. Let us know if you decide to play so that we can check out your beautiful pix.

Wildflowers in Upstate New York


  1. We both enjoyed walking around the Flea Market. Found a few items. I could have got my haircut too, but the wait was just to long. Veg's and fruits are just great. Will be going back again next week.

  2. Love the flowers, Bonnie! Thanks for accepting the challange.

    We just pulled back into the park in Michigan. We had run out of data, and are 2 gigs over. Great wifi here, so we are good now.

  3. That is easy to do. Do you use a Wifi Ranger or anything to pull in a stronger signal? I am looking into it.