Saturday, April 22, 2017

Visit to Red Bay, Alabama - Home of Tiffin Motorhomes

Red Bay is a city in Franklin County on the border of Alabama and Mississippi. It was founded in 1907. Red Bay is home to the Tiffin Motorhome Company. So after our visit to Gulfport/Biliox, MS we started driving on US-49 & I-59 to Marion, AL for a one night stop on Monday April 10th.
The next day we were off again on US-45 north to Red Bay. We arrived at about 2PM Tuesday afternoon. We found one of the many "Service Type" camping/parking areas. So we parked and set-up the coach for the night. Only $20 dollars per night with full-hookup, paid by envelope on an honor system.
We had a appointment with Nick Brewer RV Electronics - Satellites & Antennas on Wednesday morning April 12th. Nick is part of the Tiffin After Hours group and was going to install the second-hand DirecTV HD Satellite Antenna on our motorhome.    I picked up the dish in Bradenton, Florida last November for only $75 dollars at an RV park Garage sale.
The first day we had to just wait for our appointment. We visited the Tiffin Parts Store. We found a few small items to make some repairs within the coach. We also got some small bottles of touch-up paint for the coach too. We visited the Piggly-Wiggly Market in town. We stopped at the Mason Jar on Main for breakfast.
Finally on Wednesday morning I called Nick, but found-out that he could not work on the motorhome till about 5PM. So we just stayed around the coach for must of the day. But at last it was time to take the motor home to Nick's shop about 1/2 mile down the road.

The Behemoth has a new crown
After about two and half hours the Satellite Antenna was installed, Radio Aux Jack was installed, new CCTV Jack plus about 50' of cable was also installed too. All of this work was completed at a very reasonable cost. Thanks Nick for a great job.

Chassis waiting for a build.
On Thursday morning April 13th we visited Tiffin Motorhomes  and enjoyed a factory tour. One of the things I liked was that Tiffin has a complete wood working section/shop. They make all of the cabinets, tables, and counter-tops for kitchen and bathroom that are installed within all of the motorhomes that they build. Talk about some great wood working tools and equipment wow!!! I loved it. 

Tiffin cabinet makers at work

Cabinet build in progress.

Kitchen cabinets being built
Waiting for the glue to dry.

Wiring harness shop
Then we left Red Bay on a short drive of about 60 miles northeast to Huntsville,AL for a visit to US Space & Rocket Center. 

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  1. You can always tell the quality and pride in an RV by the cleanliness and organization in the shop that builds it. Tiffin definitely has their act together, Fred.