Monday, November 30, 2015

Philadelphia Museum District

Fred and Rocky
 We ventured back into Philadelphia on Saturday to visit Rocky and to explore Museum Mile.  We parked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and never even made it inside the building as there is so much to do outside.

The museum is an imposing structure.  It has sky high columns topped by a colorful pediment. The most recognizable feature is the broad stone staircase that was made famous in the Rocky movie. It is surrounded by ornate landscaping and a sculpture garden.  That is where we found Rocky.
The Museum is an impressive Structure. It is even topped with Gargoyles.

Fred enjoyed having his picture taken with the statue and then running up that long staircase to celebrate at the top. 

View of City Hall from the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
We wandered the grounds enjoying the statues and the view down The Benjamin Franklin Parkway to City Hall which is topped by a bronze of William Penn. The view was so enticing that we decided to take a walk to JFK Park and it's famous LOVE Statue.


Rodin's The Burghers of Calais at the Rodin Museum
 The Parkway is a flag lined Boulevard that is a pleasure to explore. Here you can find some of the most impressive art work in the world.  We passed the Rodin Museum and it's garden filled with bronzes. The Barnes Foundation was next with its collection of post impressionist and early modern art, and then the Franklin Institute.

Electric Plug at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Holocaust on Benjamin Franklin Parkway
We discovered many little pocket parks that featured fountains and sculpture from many sources.

LOVE in JFK Park
AMORE at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Fountain in Logan Square

I particularly enjoyed the fountain in Logan Square.

I am so glad that we spent our second Philadelphia day in the Museum District. The walk was a lot longer than we anticipated but worth the effort. Fitbit said 15,000+ steps and our feet were sore enough to make us believe it.

Civil War Monument on Benjamin Franklin Boulevard
There is much that we didn't get a chance to do in this city, as in most of the places we have traveled.    At the beginning of our adventure that made me sad.    Now we try to leave some things undone in each place we visit, to entice us to return.


  1. Yo, Paulie! Those were great movies, Bonnie! :). I would have loved to have been running up those steps with Fred. :)

    So much history in Philly. The northeast is so often overlooked by fulltime RVers, and it really shouldn't be. We camped in Newburgh, NY and took the train into NYC three days in a row when we visited there. The KOA even had a sweetheart of a lady who came and walked our Jenny for us...for a small donation to their camp for kids with cancer.

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