Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dear Freddy Thank you for the Scavenger Hunt

Freddy is our 7 year old Grandson. He loves when I make scavenger hunts for him and his brothers. This year for Mothers Day I received this in the mail.   He gave me lots of time to complete it. Today is the deadline according to the instructions at the bottom of the page.
Dear Freddy,
Thank you for the scavenger hunt. I had a lot of fun following it and collected some really nice prizes.
Mim and Pip were in Florida in May. It was kind of hard to find a valley. Florida is very flat. We did find a sinkhole. It is called Devil's Millhopper. 

The sinkhole is very deep. Did you know that before the dinosaurs Florida was part of the ocean? Fossils of sharks and other fish have been found in the sinkhole. My prize is a very old fossil shark tooth.      

We drove for a while and got to Georgia. We crossed the St John's River and went to a submarine base. I got 2 prizes. 
The first one is a squished penny from the Tybee Island Lighthouse. i wish you were there to help me turn the handle on the penny machine. it was really hard.
The second prize is a pin from the submarine museum. It represents nuclear submarines. Those are the kind that were at the base campground we were staying at in Georgia.
We went to Paynes Prairie in Florida. It was kind of scary. there were lots of alligators and bison and wild horses.   Native Americans named Timucua  lived and hunted there a long time ago.   My prize is an arrowhead made of rock like the Timucua used for hunting.

Mim and Pip drove for a while and reached the  Congeree National Forest in South Carolina. In the forest there are tall tree roots called Tupelos. 
We walked on the path around the tupelos. There were a lot of animals like turtles and squirrels and lizards.  There are a lot of rocks there too. We found a pretty polished orange stone for a prize.

We drove for a long time up and down mountains and all the way home. I brought you a marble in your favorite color orange!

Thank you for sending me on a wonderful adventure. Can we do it again?



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  1. Freddy
    Mim and I had a lot of fun looking for and finding all of the treasure items for your treasure hunt.